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Tips 9 & 10 : 10 Tips to Feel Like A Girl Prior To Transgender Transition

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I decided to eat well and embark on a healthy diet

I never used to have any sort of healthy diet, I would miss breakfast, snack during the day, and binge on a large late dinner which are basically all the things you should try and avoid. I was at a gender clinic appointment one day when I was lucky enough to chat with a doctor who was also a nutrition expert and she explained what I should be eating to give myself a fighting chance of losing some weight through eating the right things.

I really wanted to achieve a more feminine figure and get in shape so I started doing the right things and I also followed an excellent program called ‘The 3 Week Diet’, this is not an extreme diet but one which is medically proven, see it here, and combined with my regular exercise it was easy to lose 5 of my 16 stones in just 5 short months, now I am 11 stone and feel so much better plus I can get into a much smaller dress size, win win!

I began body hair removal


Many of us transgender women have a battle with unsightly hair which grows in all the wrong places, I was very lucky that where I used to live there was a laser hair removal clinic a short walk away and I had the means and ability to undergo facial laser treatment to rid me of beard hair growth. I used to really suffer from unwanted hair not only on my face but also on my arms and legs, laser hair treatment is not cheap so after asking my laser clinic about home treatments they suggested the ‘iLIGHT Hair Removal System‘ this unit has been my savior in ridding me of excessive arm and leg hair.

If you have problems with facial hair then find a local laser hair clinic, book at least 3 appointments to start with. If you can’t yet afford laser treatment, then definitely take a look at the ‘iLight’ system to help with removing unwanted arm and leg hair which will help with body dysmorphia issues.

You can find a very useful external article about covering beard shadow during transition along with a very helpful section on effective home laser hair removal devices, with information about the iLight and Tria Beauty hair removal systems.

I learned how to love and be kind to myself

I fully understand how hard it is to be kind to yourself when you are in the throes of your transgender transition, it can seem like an endless road of bumps and turns with obstacles being thrown at you around every corner. It is therefore extremely important to remember that you are not the only one going through these struggles and if you ever ask another transgender person they will most certainly have a similar story to tell of the problems they have faced and the wanting to come out the other side of physical transition as the person they feel inside. Stop with the negativity and trust that time will see the completion of the road to womanhood.

This tip, although hard, is about learning to take time out to love yourself, treat your body to nice things, look after your health through eating well and try to escape the feelings of gender dysphoria or body dysmorphia.

You can effectively learn to accept the stages of transition, understand your body changes both physical and mental, your perception of femininity can be increased through caring about your body, slow down to take everything in your stride and make your transgender transition something more enjoyable.


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