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7 - 10 : Top 10 Jobs in the LGBTQ Community


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Youth Counselor

Most cities have LGBTQ community centers that serve as meeting points for the gay community. Many of these organizations offer important services for adolescents and teenagers, who may be experiencing difficulty in coming out at home or in school, or are interested in the details of a sexual transition. 

Those with a background in psychology or social work and are interested in helping troubled youth might consider employment at an LGBTQ community center. Finding a job as a youth counselor can be a fulfilling opportunity to do meaningful work and—on a purely self-serving note—looks exceptional on a resume. 

LGBTQ News Reporter

If you are a news junkie who's well-versed in the gay community, you might want to consider working as a journalist. Many news outlets cater specifically to the gay community. Huffington Post Gay VoicesThe AdvocateAutostraddle, and Pink News are the heavy hitters. 

Many cities around the world print physical and online periodicals dedicated to connecting queer communities. Contact them directly for additional information. One theme runs throughout the LGBTQ community: help. If you have the talent and drive, it should not be long before you find a position suited to your skills. 

Same-Sex Marriage Officiant

As more and more states legalize gay marriage, same-sex marriage officiants are in increasingly high demand. While some ministers are specifically affiliated with churches or religious organizations, others are nondenominational practitioners who have obtained their ordination independently.

Although many online organizations offer certification programs for individuals looking to become marriage officiants, before paying for any program, you should research to make sure that it is legitimate and that its accreditation is accepted in the state where you would eventually practice.

Adoption Caseworker

Most individuals who work at adoption agencies are social workers who have an advanced Master of Social Work degree or background in adoption law. If you do not have these qualifications, do not worry. There may be an entry-level position while you finish your studies.

Adoption caseworkers help families through the extensive legal hoops, financial burdens, and potential emotional stress associated with adopting a child. Some adoption counselors work in government agencies, while others work with private adoption agencies. Most adoption agents who work specifically with same-sex couples looking to start a family are employed at private agencies that are experienced with the complicated laws of same-sex adoption. 


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