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RuPaul's Drag Race is an American reality TV series produced by World of Wonder for Logo TV and, starting from the ninth season, VH1. It is a television program in which the Drag Queens are the stars.

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  2. Meghan McCain sat down with RuPaul’s Drag Race stars Monét X Change, Nina West, and Adore Delano for an hour-long interview on The View and it had people feeling all kinds of ways. First, we should say, we love Monét X Change, Nina West, and Adore Delano. They can do no wrong in our books. And they were great on The View! Meghan McCain, on the other hand, is another story. McCain’s husband, Ben Domenech, is the co-founder and publisher of the extreme right-wing blog The Federalist, which regularly posts anti-LGBTQ op-eds and transphobic hit pieces by America’s rising class of bigots. Domenech, who was fired from The Washington Post after just three days after it was discovered he plagiarized several articles, also has a history of making antigay remarks, including saying Seth Meyers “gargled” Lorne Michaels’ balls for a job and repeatedly calling Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan a lesbian. Related: Husband of Megan McCain launches vaguely homophobic rant against Seth Myers, and just wow. Of course, Meghan is her own person and is certainly not defined by or responsible for her husband’s actions. But she does profit from the money he makes from peddling anti-LGBTQ propaganda on The Federalist, and she’s never really acknowledged his long history of antigay remarks. In fact, she’s often gone out of her way to avoid discussing it, while continuing to support him and his work publicly. Oh, and let’s not forget she proudly aligns herself with a political party that, just three years ago, adopted an official party platform that formally opposed same-sex marriage, endorsed anti-sodomy laws, declared transgender people shouldn’t have access to public restrooms, and called pornography a danger to society. So the fact that she was chosen to interview three drag queens in celebration of Pride month on yesterday’s episode of The View was, well, kinda awkward. Even if she does claim to be an “ally” (which, for the record, she’s not) and loves using the phrase “Yaaas, qween!” whenever possible. Adding to the awkwardness of it all, the episode aired the same day The Federalist ran a story titled “Mixing Kids With Drag Queens Sets Gay Rights Back Decades,” an op-ed by senior contributor Chad Felix Greene that falsely equates identifying as transgender with being a drag queen and warns about the dangers of Drag Queen story hours at public libraries. The queens spoke with McCain about a wide range of topics, including the difference between drag queens and transgender people, Drag Queen story hour, and being on the cover of New York magazine. And while things remained civil, and there were even a few genuine laughs, the whole thing ultimately rang hollow. queerty.com/dragaholic
  3. Having survived both Drag Race and Rent: Live, drag superstar Valentina has returned, this time as the subject of an episode of Werq the World, the new documentary series streaming from Drag Race production company World of Wonder. Werq the World shows off the behind the scenes exploits and drama of the Drag Race alumni currently on the world drag tour of the same name. Each episode of the new series focuses on a different queen from the Werq tour, and the effort it takes to tour the world in heels. Related: Valentina on honoring the past of her role as the saintly Angel in ‘Rent’ This week’s episode focuses on California native Valentina. In it, she dishes on the origin of her drag persona, her non-binary identity out of drag, and the responsibility of representing Latin culture on a global scale. Along with Valentina, Alyssa Edwards, Shangela, Latrice Royale, Sharon Needles, Kim Chi, Detox, Violet Chachki, Aquaria, and Kennedy Davenport all perform on the Werq the World tour, and appear across the season of the new series. Werq the World streams exclusively on the subscription service WOW Presents Plus every Thursday. queerty.com/dragaholic
  4. In Columbus, Ohio, Nina West isn’t just the Miss Congeniality of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 — she’s a hometown hero. And now the drag queen, a.k.a. Andrew Levitt, has her own street in the Biggest Small Town in America. Related: Nina West on raising millions for LGBTQ causes and dreaming of SNL Nina announced the news on Instagram on June 10, showing a photo of the intersection of Hull Alley and High Street in the city’s stylish Short North Arts District. In the pic, Hull Alley has been renamed “Nina West Way.” Actually, the rainbow-hued street sign reads, “Be Kind The Nina West Way.” “Today is an overwhelming day,” West wrote on Instagram. “Thank you to my fair city of Columbus for the honor of naming a street in my honor. ‘Be Kind THE NINA WEST Way’ — I am speechless. I am so humbled. I am beyond proud to represent a city that has taught me so many invaluable lessons and allowed me to grow and be the best I can be. I am so in love with you, CBUS. Forever and always, and so proud to call you HOME. Huge thank to the Team Nina West group on Facebook who helped make this happen. I really don’t have words.” Related: Don’t be surprised if these 10 queens make it to ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ season 5 West, who raises money for LGBTQIA-specific causes through her self-named foundation, praised Columbus in a Queerty interview last month. “The thing I am most proud of is representing my hometown of Columbus, Ohio with such pride,” she said at the time. “Columbus is this tremendous city of collaboration and heart, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the love and guidance of the community. I am so proud to be theirs.” queerty.com/dragaholic
  5. Her one-woman show may be called “Help Me, I’m Dying,” but Katya Zamolodchikova, aka Katya, aka Brian McCook is doing just fine, thank you. The RuPaul‘s Drag Race season 7 and Drag Race All-Stars season 2 standout has had a wild ride, from coming up in the Boston drag scene to finding a massive audience through TV and an ever-expanding one with the success UNHhhh, her web series with Trixie Matell. UNHhhh was later picked up by Vice for television as The Trixie and Katya Show for one season, and now the pair are back to producing UNHhhh. Along the way, McCook took time off from the series, and from drag, to focus on mental health, and his willingness to be open about the process was a welcomed dose of honest realness. It’s easy to scroll through Instagram and convince yourself that people are living the ‘dream,’ but we all have work to do throughout our lives. As queer people, some of that work can be especially challenging to unravel. The good news? Katya is back and on a world tour, baby! “Help Me, I’m Dying” is set to make its way across Europe, Canada and the US. Head here for tickets and info. Queerty’s Dan Tracer caught up with Katya to talk about dreams, drag names, shapeshifting, and more. Hi Katya! Good morning–is it morning where you are? Yeah, I’m in bed still. Oh wow, that’s actually the perfect location for my first question. As Katya, part of the gig is you have to be so extroverted out in public, but you also seem like an ‘inner world’ queen, too. What are your dreams like? [Laughs] It’s going to be that kind of an interview. OK perfect. Actually last night I had sleep paralysis! Do you know what that is? That’s like when you consciously wake up but your body is completely inaccessible. I got it a lot as a kid. I’d start to fall asleep and then I’d feel like I’m being attacked. The one that happened last night, I was on my side and I felt like there were two people, one on my back and one facing me, that were trying to attack and I was trying to scream “Help!” And I couldn’t get anything out of my mouth. Oh that’s terrifying. It’s horrible, yeah. But there were two sleep monsters this time. Usually, there’s only one. Have you ever lucid dreamed? Yes. Yes! What’s that like for you? I have too, I’m obsessed with lucid dreaming. Yeah it’s really cool. It invariably goes sexual. Yeah? Because I’m in a dream and I can do whatever I want. Right, you have that moment where you’re like, “Oh, anything’s possible?!” Mine’s always flying. I’ll think, “Oh I can do anything? I can fly!” And then I’ll float up and get so excited that I wake up. [Laughs] Oh that’s funny. So in dream world or in real world, if you could choose between invisibility or shapeshifting as a power, which one would you go for? Oh shapeshifting for sure. I mean you kind of already are a shapeshifter. Right but it would be so much easier to just do it at the drop of a hat. Oh god, yeah, that would save you several years of your life. And plausible scenarios, if a UFO came down right now, and some goopy alien prince discreetly took you aside, and you know, offered you some tea, was very nice to you, and then gave you the chance to leave, right now, no time to tie up loose ends, no goodbyes, would you go? [Pause] Yep. Yeah, that’s fair. And if he said you could make one phone call before you left, who would you call? I’d call my mom. Or… maybe Barak Obama. Oh! [Laughs] I sort of assumed you’d have to have the person’s phone number already, but that wasn’t part of the question. I would love to hear that conversation, you, on the line with President Obama, just before your interstellar departure. But leaving Barry out of the picture, you’re close with your family, yeah? Yeah they’re amazing. So they do know you’re a drag queen? Nope. They think I work for UPS. Your secret’s safe with us. I have a really wonderful family, an older brother and a younger sister. They’re great. Has your older brother ever tried on one of your wigs? Well we used to have wig parties. Oh! And he just had a child. So I’m an uncle now, and I’m looking forward to procuring some child wigs. What names did you cycle through before becoming hermetically sealed to Katya? Gosh I can’t even remember… There was Sigourney Beaver. She was in the mix at some point. Stop it. The name I’ve been floating for years is So-horny Beaver. Ohh that’s like a double-whammy. And run us through the characters in your one-woman show, Help Me, I’m Dying. It’s a one-woman show, but you come out in multiple characters. Katya is there but she doesn’t snag all the stage time. Who are the other featured players? So there’s Katya the Russian character, so I go through her origin story, and then I come out as another character called Trish, who’s like a junkie/townie from the suburbs of Boston. And then I come out as me, like, without any character, just me in drag, which is slightly confusing. Which of those three is the most comfortable for you? Probably the Russian one. I just get into the accent and the origin story, which changes all the time. And I love that about it. It’s like, “Now I’m going to tell the truth,” and it’s never the truth. I was lucky to have seen the show at the ACE Theater in Los Angeles back in March, which featured Trish in the most bizarre and brilliant physical comedy crowd-play I could ever imagine. For people reading this, you brought an audience member up onto the stage, sat him in a chair and crawled all over him, creating what I can only describe as some kind of kinetic, living, comedy sculpture. Has it changed or evolved as you’ve been touring? Yeah, it changes all the time. In Singapore, I actually had another performer come up who I used to perform with in Boston, join me on stage, and we did a duet — we did Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion’s “Tell Him,” which is a song about a woman in love — she’s so in love with this guy but she’s too afraid to let him know how she feels, and the audience member we brought up was really not up for it. He was this straight dude who was probably dragged there by his girlfriend, and the song is really long, so he was just tortured for probably like, ten minutes. It was hysterical. And did the audience love that or was it uncomfortable? Oh they loved it. That sounds right. Yeah it was amazing to watch and probably harrowing for him to experience. But maybe, ultimately, a good experience for him? Yeah, or maybe not! Or not! And so you’re touring now, you have quite an ambitious schedule ahead of you, and I strongly encourage folks to make it out to your gigs — how does the tour life treat you? It hasn’t been so bad! And we’re actually on a bus starting next month, which I’m very excited about. And I see you have a show in New York during World Pride, are you even ready for that much queerness? I don’t think so. They say 4.5 million people are expected to descend upon the city. That’s too much gay, I think I’m going to be homophobic by the end of that. And the reason it’s this massive confluence is it’s the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, and here at Queerty, we’re doing our Pride50 series honoring 50 LGBTQ trailblazers. We’ve been asking people where they see the movement headed in the next 50 years. What do you think Pride100 will look like? Well, it’ll probably look like Atlantis because we’re going to be underwater. But one of the things I find encouraging is that young people these days, their conception of sexuality is much more fluid and less defined, which I really like. On the one hand, Gay Pride is great, but I also love this kind of like… ‘it doesn’t matter’ sort of attitude about it. You’re interested in who you’re interested in, it’s the blurring of the boundaries of sexual identity. Identity changes. I think it would be better if there were more consensus on larger, broader issues like compassion, non-violence. That sounds pretty good to me. Now one last question, a really important one. There is this theory that when the Big Bang happened, it actually created our reality and a second mirror reality which is just like ours except time moves in reverse. So I want to know… what is your drag name in the mirror reality? Ohh… in the Benjamin Button one. Oh gosh. Sharon Stone. Sharon Stone. Sharon Stone, yeah. Just like the actress. Oh because I guess she wouldn’t really exist as “Sharon Stone” in that universe. No, she’d be something else. So you’d just be Sharon Stone. I’d just be Sharon Stone with a dick and that would be the huge gag in Basic Instinct. Hello! That’s a great place to leave off, thanks! queerty.com/dragaholic
  6. If you happen to have $5 million in the bank, you could sashay away with your very own World of Wonder: RuPaul is selling his Hollywood Hills bungalow. Related: RuPaul teases details about hotly-anticipated Netflix series “This property is a developer’s dream, just waiting to command top dollar alongside its $20-million-dollar-plus neighbors in this star-studded celebrity enclave,” the house’s Wish Sotheby’s International Realty listing page raves. “Built in classic 1960s style, the existing home has been immaculately maintained and boasts floor-to-ceiling glass walls with sliding glass doors opening to the pool, spa, and breathtaking jetliner views spanning from Downtown to the Pacific and beyond. It is move-in ready, can be easily brought up to today’s standards, or completely reimagined, taking advantage of the stunning views and embodying its quintessential California lifestyle, just minutes away from hip restaurants, boutiques, and the newest hotels and clubs the Strip has to offer.” The listing doesn’t mention Ru, but The Advocate reports the property — located “just above the world-renowned Sunset Strip in the Bird Streets, one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Los Angeles” — currently belongs to the Drag Racehost and his husband, Georges LeBar. (The couple also has a ranch in Wyoming, a condo in West Hollywood, and a residence in New York City.) Related: Here’s why RuPaul, Michelle Obama and Adele were all hanging out The photos of the 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath house show that its 2,362 square feet are decked out in the fabulous style you’d expect from Mama Ru: vividly painted walls, geometric wallpaper, animal print furniture, and artwork of icons including Dolly Parton and Diana Ross. And if you don’t have that $5 million lying around? You better work! queerty.com/dragaholic
  7. After last week’s finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11, it’s off-season for the franchise. It’s nice to have a break after six (!!!) months of Drag Race, but it’s never too early to begin speculating who will appear on the show’s next iteration of All Stars. While fierce finalists like Shea Couleé and Asia O’Hara are obvious choices, it’s exhilarating to watch less-expected returnees – like All-Stars 4 finalist Monique Heart, who had a mediocre eighth-place finish on season 10 – come back with a vengeance. Read on for our dream cast for All Stars 5. 1. Shea Couleé It’s been rumored that Shea turned down offers to be on All Stars 3 and 4, but when the queen decides to return to the Hunger Games of drag, she’ll be entering as the frontrunner: She is one of two queens in the show’s history with four challenge wins on a traditional season. Sharon Needles got her crown – now it’s time for Miss Couleé to join the winners’ ranks. 2. Miz Cracker Superfan sleuths are already convinced that Miz Cracker is cast on All Stars 5 thanks to some tour dates cancellations. Given her rabid fanbase, it would be a no-brainer to bring back the NYC queen. 3. Vanessa Mateo Vanjie The whinier side of the fandom would complain that she’s being overexposed after appearing on both seasons 10 and 11, but let’s be clear: there’s no such thing as too much Vanjie. The Cardi B of Drag is magnetic, makes great television and continues to grow as a fierce performer. 4. Sonique After her appearance Drag Race Holi-slay Spectacular, fan attention has been reignited for the season 2 starlet. The WeHo queen has shared stages with Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus – and most recently popped up in Lizzo’s video for “Juice.” 5. Asia O’Hara The Dallas-based queen is sure to stomp her competition as if they’re helpless insects dodging a pair of high heels. Jokes aside, Asia proved to be a fierce competitor on season 10 – she’ll most certainly be back sooner or later. 6. Willam Given her sour relationship with the show, the odds of this happening are about as likely as All Stars 5 not having some infuriating twist – but one can dream. With a resume that includes a number one comedy album and a role in A Star Is Born, Willam is one of the smartest, hardest working queens in the show’s history. Not only that, but her zero-fucks-given attitude would be a welcome contrast to the franchise’s newer stars who’ve entered the arena with carefully curated camera-ready personalities. 7. Jiggly Caliente Despite an unremarkable eighth place exit on season 4, this Filipina queen has remained in the spotlight. Not only did she nab a recurring role on Pose, but she and Peppermint starred in a Saturday Night Live sketch alongside Steve Carell and Cecily Strong. It’s past time for Miss Caliente to have another shot at the crown. 8. Nina West The newly minted season 11 Miss Congeniality won over fans including Rihanna and congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with her camp-tastic approach to drag. Her radiating brand of positivity would bring a welcome ray of sunshine to an otherwise cut-throat competition. 9. Yara Sofia It was smart of Drag Race to bring back Manila and Latrice for All Stars 4; new fans of the show were reintroduced to OG favs. While all of the first round of All Stars deserve another shot at the crown, it would be most exciting to see redemption for this Puerto Rican spitfire. 10. Ginger Minj Another All Star worth bringing back? Ginger Minj. The self-described Glamour Toad got lost in the All Stars 2 mix, but has gone onto appear in two Netflix originals, Dumplin’, and Super Drags. Not only that, but fans have campaigned for the drag star to portray Ursula in the upcoming live-action Little Mermaid. She’d surely turn her competitors into poor, unfortunate souls. Which queens would be in your dream All Stars 5 cast? queerty.com/dragaholic
  8. RuPaul’s Drag Race already has regional versions for Thailand, South American and the U.K., but because Mama Ru won’t be happy until she achieves world domination, she’s apparently creating a Canadian version, and the guest judges better include Celine Dion, a hockey puck covered in maple syrup and moose made of poutine. According to Entertainment Weekly, Drag Race Canada will feature 10 one-hour episodes and air on the Canadian networks Crave and OUTtv. It’s being produced in conjunction with the Drag Race production company World of Wonder (WOW) and Blue Ant Studios, and it will not feature RuPaul as the main host (though RuPaul will serve as an executive producer along with WOW’s enton Bailey, Randy Barbato, and Tom Campbell). It’s unclear who will host the show, but casting begins this summer and production will start in the fall. It’s also unclear when filming and airing will start. Blue Ant Studios’ Sam Sniderman said, “Canadian drag is world class and we could not be more excited to bring these artists and their stories to Crave. We are thrilled to be working with WOW on this legendary and game-changing global format.” Related: Reddit sleuths uncover the rumored contestants of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’ Perhaps this all happening because season 11’ of RuPaul’s Drag Race featured the series’ first-ever Canadian contestant, Brooke Lynn Hytes, and the Canucks went wild, eh? Just kidding. It’s more likely that the North just wants in on the mega-lucrative Drag Race franchise and Mama Ru and WOW are striking before drag-fatigue inevitably sets in. But if you’re impatient for some foreign Drag Race action now, don’t fret. Drag Race UK will air on BBC 3 later this year, two seasons of Drag Race Thailand are already available online and so is one season of the South American Switch Drag Race. It features trans contestant Gia Gunn, and yes, she acts like a royal b*tch in it as well. (Very on-brand for her.) queerty.com/dragaholic

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