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Why the Devil Stalks Death (Renee’s review)

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Jack Reardon uncovers secrets for a living, and the Meta-State spy is pretty good at it. Or rather he thought so until he met Ethan Blade—assassin, warrior, enigma. The unlikely pair have decided to give living together a shot, but Jack’s not entirely certain what he’s gotten himself into—or exactly who he’s in it with.

Jack’s worries are compounded when he’s assigned to a police strike force hunting a serial killer. With each new puzzle piece, Jack considers the true nature of a serial killer—and how similar it is to an assassin. To one particular assassin who’s having trouble adjusting to retirement. Jack’s unsure how to help Ethan—or if he even can.

When the killer strikes close to home, Jack must race against the clock to stop another murder, despite the price someone has put on his head. Could the matters be connected? Is a certain assassin at the centre of both? Surrounded by killers, the only one Jack wants near disappears, leaving Jack drowning in secrets. He’ll have to do what he does best—unravel the secrets, including Ethan’s—to stop the killer and save the life he and Ethan have only just begun to build.

Who is Ethan Blade?

We, along with Jack, find out in this book.

Hayward continues to blow me away with her writing talent. She’s just so clever! Every minute of this story entertained me, especially the relationship development. This is going straight to me best of 2018 shelf.

The mystery in this one, once again, hits a little too close to home. Jack is especially vulnerable when forced to work with a past hook-up, which he doesn’t want Ethan to find out about.

These two flawed men finally open up to each other. A lot. Feelings are admitted, but it’s still not enough. Neither man feels secure in it, and that’s when things go awry.

As much as they opened communication, my frustration lingers because there is still so much they aren’t saying!

But it was enough, for now. Secrets are revealed, and we finally get to see what has shaped Ethan to be the man that he is. Sigh. I just want to hug him and bring him home.

This one is the best so far! They keep getting better.

“You give me so much, Jack. Warmth and comfort and a secure place to be myself. You give me acceptance and understanding. You’ve given me the life I always wanted but never thought I could have.”

Ohhhhh….and there’s an epilogue from Ethan’s POV. I may have melted. A bit.

Title: Why the Devil Stalks Death (Death and the Devil #2)
Author: LJ Hayward
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: December 9, 2018
Genre(s): Mystery/Suspense, Romance
Book Length: 4,972 Kindle locations
Reviewed by: Renée
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 5+ stars out of 5



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