The Owl House: Disney Channel Finally Has A Bisexual Main Character


If you’re a fan of Disney, you probably know they have fallen short in the representation department, despite many hot takes on the “lesbian couple” that appeared for a second in Finding Dory. Never fear, things may be looking up for women-loving-women in The Owl House, Disney Channel’s new show with a bisexual female, lead character.

The Owl House airs on Disney Channel and has hinted that Luz is in fact, bisexual. Luz is Dominican-American and is played by Sarah Nicole Robles. Fans of the show have noticed that while Luz has previously been interested in boys, the 14-year-old seems to be growing closer and closer with her frenemy, Amity, played by Mae Whitman.

In the latest episode, the relationship between Amity and Luz seems to deepen as it is revealed that Amity is planning to ask Luz to be her prom date. Shortly thereafter, the write of the show confirmed that one of the girls is, in fact, Bisexual.

Writer Dana Terrace took to Twitter and said that it was always her intention to have bisexual representation on the show. However, Disney fought her every step of the way. According to Terrance, Disney told her that she could not have any form of bi or gay relationships on the channel, but Terrance kept pushing and pushing. Finally, Disney let her have it, and thank goodness for that!

Terrance never confirmed which character is bisexual. It could be Luz or Amity at this point, but fans assume that it is Luz. Luz is the show’s protagonist and the main character, and it has been obvious in the past she is attracted to men. Terrance herself is bi, so of course she would want to include a mirror of her experience!

This is particularly groundbreaking for Disney, as Disney Channel is geared toward children and teens. In Onward, we got Officer Spector, voiced by real-life butch lesbian Lena Waithe. But teenage viewers could really use some representation in their age range, giving them a chance to see that their feelings are totally normal. Lesbian and bi characters are so, so needed! We absolutely love to see it.

You can watch The Owl House on Disney Channel!

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