As an LGBT+ ally, it’s important I help educate others

Through the programme, we started to receive feedback from young LGBT+ people, telling us that they couldn’t imagine themselves succeeding in such a large organisation like Lloyds Bank. This is because they lacked confidence, but also because they weren’t sure they could be themselves. I thought a powerful way to reverse that thinking was to introduce them to LGBT+ role models.

That’s why I set up a series of online workshops, called Empower Events. Where our LGBT+ colleagues could connect with young people in their local LGBT+ community, and provide the confidence that they too, could succeed, and also Lloyds Bank is a place where they could be their authentic selves.  

I’m proud that we’re now marking 10 years of Rainbow. I love what it stands for: freedom and promoting equality to ensure an inclusive environment for our LGBT+ colleagues. Everyone’s realising it’s not just about marching during Pride – it’s about being together and staying connected all year round. 

As an employer, Lloyds Bank is so much more than a financial institution. In my time here, I’ve learned such a lot about people and different communities. Because Lloyds Bank is a safe place, where we can all bring our whole self to work every day without judgement.

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