Transgender Women Say They Were ‘Dehumanized’ At Miami Jail

I was arrested for blocking traffic at a protest and was repeatedly misgendered in jail. Was told I would be treated with dignity if I told them I identified as female, and then when I did was stuck in a tiny cell away from all the other protesters except the other trans woman under what they called “protective custody” not allowed to leave that room for over 17 hours (except to get my mugshot and talk to someone about whether or not I could defend myself from sexual assault if my bail didn’t get paid) My cell mate was misgendered when it was time for her to get let out. The corrections officer came in and said “Sir come with me” and when she wouldn’t give him that power over her and insisted he gender her properly he slammed the door on her pushing her back through the cell… tldr: it sucks being arrested, and sucks a little more when you’re trans

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