I got a haircut and now I like my birth name again???? (Please check comments, I need help)

I got a haircut, a whole 12 inches off, and suddenly I feel weird about my name again. I wanted to be called Cory because I liked the androgyny of it, I loved getting called Cory. But now I got my haircut and I look more androgynous now, and now it feels weird to be called Cory, and I like my birth name, Chloe, again. Normally this would be fine because I hadn’t told anyone in my personal life that I wanted to be called Cory, until I made a meme and came out to a group of friends yesterday. They all were calling me Cory and it felt great, but then I got my haircut and suddenly it felt weird. I told my friends about it, and I said that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be called now, and they were really understanding about it. But I want to know why it suddenly started to feel so wrong to be called by a name that I had previously loved! Does anyone know what the cause of this might be?

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