Chika takes it back to the 90s with fresh new single My Power

Like Lil Nas X and Young M.A, Chika is part of a new wave of artists who aren’t afraid to be ‘explicitly queer’ in their art.

The video for her Charlie Wilson-assisted anthem, Can’t Explain It, put an LGBTQ spin on one of her favourite sitcoms, A Different World, and had black, queer love at the forefront.

Like her previous ‘controversial’ viral moments, it wasn’t supposed to be a statement – but everything Chika does as a queer black woman is a political statement.

“If a straight man were to put a woman, or a straight woman were to put a man in the video, it’s not them being ‘explicitly straight’ – it’s just who they are,” she explains.

“For me, I know a lot of people ask, ‘Did you do that on purpose?’ It’s like, ‘Of course! I’m gay!’ That was my girl at the time, if I’m going to put someone I love in the video, it’s going to be an accurate reflection of my life. If people take it as a statement, great. Ultimately, I’m just being a human and sharing who I am.”

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