Virtual BiCon: Programme Released!

This year’s virtual BiCon runs this weekend, starting Thursday 13 and continuing til Sunday 16 August.

Most sessions will be held over Zoom. There are 23 main sessions listed – in a normal year that number might be more like 80-100.

They include a trans people’s safer space, a non binary space and a survivors safe space. A multifaith spiritual space and a Christian spirituality space will address the bi soul.

Some sessions focus on bisexuality and mental health or mindfulness.  Statistics on bi experience of mental health show far higher incidences of poor mental health than in the gay or straight populations.

After recent changes to address racism within BiCon spaces there will be several training and discussion sessions related to that and the Black Lives Matter movement.

A great many regular BiCon sessions simply don’t work over Zoom and similar technology: massage workshops for example are great in-person but if you are in solo lockdown will only highten the sense of isolation. Pass-the-parcel and rough n tumble games, or human space invaders, really need everyone to be in one physical space. Just A Bisexual Minute is a great game in person but on a Zoom call you can’t tell if someone has hesitated or the streaming from their laptop has just hit a hiccup.

Some sessions do still work – informational sessions like getting support in the workplace as a bi employee, or Sci Fi and fiction meets work much the same as normal.

Spirituality type of sessions may not be as powerful as if they were held in person but can give a greater sense of human connection than some attendees might have had in recent months.

Propping up the bar with a bevvy of new bi mates, being impressed or aghast at the prices they are selling drinks for and trying a dubious new snackfood someone is passing around will be very different.  But you will have a better idea how long food will take to appear and with appropriate planning you should be able to avoid that annual BiCon experience of learning the bar has run out of cider.

Find out more and join in here.

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