“To L and Back” L Word Podcast Episode 203: Loneliest Number

If you’re game to play “Too Hot” with Carmen in her boyshorts then you have a lot in common with all of us, and also Shane, and possibly also Jenny? On this week’s episode with special guest and certified Friend Of The Pod Brittani Nichols, Alice is shaking the lesbian phone tree with the delusional expectation that Pink might fall out, Dana’s thighs feel great, Tonya’s planning the first-ever corporate sponsored lesbian wedding, Bette is unraveling at alarming speed, Tina’s wearing a blanket again and moving in to Joyce’s guest house and Jenny’s gonna get into Charlotte’s writing class if it’s the last thing she does! All this and more occurs on this week’s episode of To L and Back!

Episode Index:

+ Brittani + Carly’s first episode of “To L and Back”
+ Black Lady Sketch Show
+ World Books and Encarta
+ Johnny Waffles
+ Gaby Dunn’s dog Beans who I think should marry my dog Carol
+ Tully’s Training
+ Brazen Femme: Queering Femininity
+ Our interview with EZ Girl of Betty

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