Randy Rainbow’s 5 Best Parodies in Honor of His Emmy Nomination

Randy Rainbow, everyone’s favorite singing pundit, has been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Short Form Variety Series.

The honor is well deserved, as he has been keeping many a member of the resistance sane, or at least as sane as possible, during these chaotic Trump years with his biting wit and lovely singing voice.

Rainbow’s work is so consistently solid that picking the best five videos was no easy task, and there are many more that could have been included, but let this sampling of the talented satirist at his best be a reminder that great work can come from tragedy.

  1. “Braggadocious!: Randy Rainbow Moderates Debate #1”

    The 2016 presidential debates feel like a lifetime ago. We were so young and innocent then…

    Back before there was “covfefe” and “hamberders” there was “braggadocious.” President Trump, aka “guy with the best words,” said he didn’t want to be “braggadocious” when speaking about his immense wealth—which he got thanks to a combination of his father’s money, tax dodging, and selling out the family name to anyone and everyone with a building and some cash.

    Rainbow set himself in the moderator’s chair, giving him the perfect opportunity to show off his reaction shot skills, before launching into a parody of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” from Mary Poppins. The results are magical.

  2. “If You Ever Got Impeached”

    We’re halfway through 2019, and we still can’t get the Democrats to agree on starting impeachment proceedings, despite Trump begging for it with his litany of misdeeds.

    Around this time last year, Rainbow was fantasizing about what would happen if we finally booted Trump out of office.

    “You’d be more than implicated, for laws you violated and protocols you breached,” Rainbow sings, to the tune of (appropriately) “If I Only Had a Brain.”

    “Because without this thinking,” Trump adds.

    “We could finally all stop drinking, if you ever got impeached,” Rainbow responds.

  3. “Trump’s Favorite Things”

    Trump’s presidency has been so rocky it is making even Nixon’s time in office look smooth by comparison. All that stress, plus his love of fast food and hatred of non-golf cart assisted movement, means he sometimes must need to relax, while thinking about a few of his favorite things.

    But let’s face it, he’s no chipper nun, so his favorite things aren’t quite as cutesy and cuddly as thoughtfully wrapped presents and well whiskered kittens. He’s more the “tyrants and traitors and climate deniers” type.

    “Burying tax returns after ya file ’em, tear-gassing migrants for seeking asylum, big fat-ass buckets of fried chicken wings, these are a few of your favorite things,” Rainbow croons.

  4. “Border Lies”

    Madonna’s “Borderline” becomes “Border Lies” in this parody taking aim at Trump’s obsession with, and lies about, a border wall.

    Sample lyrics: “Girl, you’re at an impasse, now they’re gonna sue your ass, but you just keep pushing these border lies. Freaking us out while you dramatize. All the stats you claim you’ve been shown, backin’ your border lies.”

    If you’re keeping score, there’s still no wall and Mexico won’t be paying for it, if anyone does. Trump declared a national emergency earlier this year to redirect funds to building a wall, but was blocked federal courts. The issue will now be decided by the Supreme Court.

  5. “He’s In Love (and we’re all gonna die)”

    Sung to the tune of “I’m In Love With a Wonderful Guy,” from the musical South Pacific, Rainbow reflects on the president’s love for dictators, like North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

    “He gets horny for absolute power,” Rainbow sings. “Treacherous goons put a gleam in his eye. His taste in men stinks, now he says that he thinks he’s in love, and we’re all gonna die.”

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