Here’s When You Will Meet the Queens of “RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K.”

Break out the crumpets because this English tea is piping hot.

We are eagerly counting the days for this fall’s most anticipated British import—no, not the Downton Abbey movie—we’re talking RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K., the latest international version of the Emmy-winning reality competition series.

The announcements of guest judges for the series have been trickling out, but what about the queens who will be competing for the royal crown?

Ru and crew have been keeping mum on who will be sashaying down the Drag Race U.K. runway, but now we know when the new crop of queens will be meet their people: at this year’s DragCon NYC.

The RuPaul’s DragCon Instagram shared the news yesterday, July 16, that the queens would be jumping the pond for the big RuVeal at DragCon, taking place September 6,7, and 8 in New York.

Any guesses on who the queens are?

Ru and Michelle spoke about Drag Race U.K. on a recent episode of their podcast, What’s the Tee?, with Ru teasing that fans “are going to flip” when they see it. “I predict we will be doing this English edition of Drag Race for many years to come.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K. is scheduled to premiere this fall on BBC Three.

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