Woman Violently Shoves Anti-Gay Priest Offstage as Thousands Watch in Horror

Father Marcelo Rossi is one of the most popular priests in Brazil, he is also one of the most vocal against the LBTQ community. But this past weekend one woman finally had enough of his lip.

On Sunday, July 14, during the closing ceremony of a youth camp in Cachoeira Paulista, São Paulo, Rossi was delivering a sermon to an estimated 50,000 attendees. While he was speaking a woman rushed past security, and violently pushed Rossi offstage as the thousands watched in horror.


According to the Brazilian news source, G1, the 32-year-old attacker traveled to the youth event from Rio de Janeiro. “She is believed to have mental health problems, police noted.”

Rossi was not seriously injured, and was able to continue his sermon minutes later.

Brazilian newspaper O Dia reports that the woman said “that she wanted to come in to talk to him and that she was scared the moment she saw the security guards running after her.It’s her version, but anyone who sees the pictures sees that there is none of it [security guards running after her] , he got scared and pushed him at a time when he kind of freaked out, lost control, but he had no intention, he just wanted to talk to him.”

According to Queerty, Rossi has a history of anti-LGBTQ remarks. While appearing on a Sunday variety show in 1998 he said “a lot of ideas will change the day homosexuality is proven to be an illness.” As if that wasn’t enough, during an interview in 2014 he said that “sex between man causes pain, if something causes pain, it can’t be a good thing.”

Rossi said he will not be pressing charges against the woman who pushed him. We don’t condone violence, but in the immortal words of 9 to 5’s office drunk, Margaret Foster:

I write about drag queens. Dolly Parton once ruffled my hair and said I was “just the cutest thing ever.”


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