Teen drag queen graduates and slays everyone with a death drop

Teen drag queen graduates and slays everyone with a death drop

Brandon Austin is a teen drag queen | Photo: Supplied

A teen British drag queen graduating slayed everyone with a death drop.

Brandon, 18, received a diploma from West Kent college in Tonbridge, a town south-east of London.

He was receiving a level three distinction in acting at the college.

The crowd was also mostly theatre students, and Brandon saw a lot of people acting ‘extra’ – like bowing or waving.

‘I just said to my friends, “how iconic would it be if I did a death drop?”,’ he tells Gay Star News.

‘All my friends were into it. So when I got up there, and all friends were cheering, I just thought let’s do it.

‘The crowd screamed and cheered. Everyone was also so shocked. It was amazing.’

The video has now been seen over three million times on Twitter.

Teen drag queen goes viral with death drop graduation

Brandon would love to be a full-time drag queen, performing as his character Sophia Stardust.

The teen performer started doing dance as a child. But, when his mother died in a car accident at the age of seven, he stopped.

He didn’t get back into drama and dance until late secondary school, around 15.

His first ever drag show was Holy Trannity, with Sharon Needles. Brandon was called up on stage and he lip synced against three others. He also won, and his love of drag blossomed.

After coming out at college to a supportive dad, tutor and friends, he started doing drag as much as possible.

He went to Drag World (similar to Drag Con) in drag, performed in college shows and even in his college canteen.

While he did consider going to the graduation in drag, he reconsidered as the ceremony was early in the morning.

Coming out and finding support

Brandon learned how to do the death drop (also known as a dip) by watching YouTube videos and practicing on his dad’s double bed.

‘I started to know about my sexuality about year 9 or 10. I never came out – I wasn’t badly bullied as such. People would tease, saying to me you’re gay and we know it. It can really destroy your confidence.

‘When I went to college and I saw openly gay people for the first time, I was overwhelmed.’

His tutor, also gay, helped guide him through the coming out process.

And without the support, he also doubts he would have been able to be a performer.

‘College has been one of the best experiences of my life,’ he adds to GSN.

‘I wouldn’t be who I am today without the support.’

Drag Race UK?

But considering Drag Race is now airing seasons in the UK, will we see Brandon on the TV in the future?

‘It’s such a good show. A lot of young people these days are really into it,’ he also said.

‘I really want to be a nice queen – I want to be there for people and help others. I also do think the platform would give me a good opportunity to broaden my horizons.

‘But I’m not going to apply until I’m ready.’

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