18-year-old girl attacked by men shouting ‘f–king lesbian’ – New York Post

An 18-year-old girl from the UK was beaten to a pulp during an alleged homophobic attack — in broad daylight, according to reports.

“F–king lesbian!” her attackers shouted, according to HullLive.

“You and your girlfriend are going to get it 10 times worse next time,” they allegedly added.

The victim — Ellie-Mae Mulholland, of Walsall Garth — was punched repeatedly by two male suspects during the Monday afternoon beatdown, which left her “black and blue,” according to her sister.

“Just by looking at her face they have had a really good go at her,” explained Stevie-Leigh Ansell, Ellie-Mae’s older sister. “I think it’s absolutely ridiculous.”

Stevie-Leigh recounted the events leading up to her sister’s attack, saying it all stemmed from a dispute over money.

“My younger sister was out and about on her way home from one of her friend’s house. She had seen a couple of her friends, who are usually her friends, and one of them owed her a tenner and Ellie asked about it,” Ansell told HullLive. “The lass said she never had it. Then they both beat her black and blue.”

The 22-year-old said that “because [Ellie-Mae] is gay they called her a ‘f–king lesbian’” and told her that she and her girlfriend “are going to get it 10 times worse next time.”

“She thought they were her friends,” Ansell added. “All this happened while she was on the phone to her mom.”

Ellie-Mae was reportedly recovering at a local medical center on Tuesday after suffering a busted nose, two black eyes and multiple contusions on her head.

“I feel I cannot let this happen to my sister because she is gay. I just feel really helpless,” Ansell said. “This is something daft over a tenner and then all the gay stuff came out which I don’t see why it is such a problem. As soon as they have an argument it is straight to her being a lesbian. Because she smokes they won’t take her cigarettes off her because they say they will get lesbian germs.”

Local police are reportedly investigating the alleged hate crime. It comes just one month after a lesbian couple said they were targeted during a homophobic attack in London, which happened on a bus. Four male teenagers were later arrested and charged for the incident.

“We deal with all hate incidents and crimes thoroughly and do not expect the people of our communities to have to suffer from the intolerance of others,” Detective Chief Inspector Ali Sweeting told HullLive. “We are in the early stages of our investigations and will be speaking to [Ellie-Mae] and to other parties involved to establish the full circumstances of the incident. If it is established that there was a homophobic motive we will be treating this appropriately.”

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