Adorable Dad Honors His Gay Daughters With His First Tattoo

One proud dad has gone viral on Twitter for dedicating his first tattoo to his queer children.

The “Dad of the Year”-worthy story centers on John Atwell, the father of three daughters, two of whom identify as gay. His story gained traction when one of his daughters, Kaitlyn, posted screenshots of a text convo between her and her father.

“I convinced my dad to get his first tattoo and he sent me something that my little sister painted,” she wrote, including a screengrab of the colorful Pride-themed painting. “Let’s just say I’m a crying mess right now.”

Kaitlyn’s dad, John, went on to explain that he’d be keeping the design in its full rainbow-hued glory.

“I think I’d have to get the color,” he told Kaitlyn. “She put the colors for a reason. It’s almost Pride-like, right? I do have two gay daughters whom I’m very proud of, so I think I would definitely get the color.”

“I love you so much, my heart is bursting right now,” Kaitlyn responded. “Thank you for loving me and for loving who I love and for treating us like we’re literally just human beings who like other human beings.”

As of writing, Kaitlyn’s original Twitter thread has more than 52,000 retweets and a whooping 355,000 likes.

But wait—it gets better! Inspired by the outpouring of love for his story, John made his own Twitter account to interact with Kaitlyn’s followers.

“I’m very overwhelmed and humbled by all of the attention my daughter’s tweet has garnered,” he wrote. “I’m by no means anything special. I just love my kids. I’ll have Kaitlyn update when I get my tattoo!”

Kaitlyn’s not the only one who’s crying. We can’t wait to see it, John!

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