Gay singer Casey Spooner announces he’s running for president in 2020

Gay singer Casey Spooner announces he's running for president in 2020

Casey Spooner | Photo: Instagram

Gay singer Casey Spooner took to social media to announce his candidacy for the 2020 US presidential elections.

‘I don’t expect to win, but I do expect to make a difference,’ he said in a video posted to his social media channels.

Wearing a tank top with 2020 written in blue and red, Spooner explained his white privilege kept him complacent.

‘I’ve never got involved, that ends now,’ he said.


Spooner found fame in the early 00s as the singer with NYC-based, electronic art-rock duo Fisherspooner.

The band were leading lights in the short lived electroclash movement.

Fischerspooner took an extended hiatus in 2009, and Spooner released a solo album, Adult Contemporary. They returned in 2017 with the album SIR, produced by former REM singer Michael Stipe.

One song, Top Brazil, was accompanied by an explicit video, which found Spooner cavorting with semi-naked men in a sauna.

Known for their often elaborate performances and styling, some have speculated that Spooner’s announcement may be another example of his performance art. Others have questioned whether he plans to stand for any particular party or ballot.

‘Much of my works is about systems and personas,’ he said in the video.

‘Government is the next system I wish to explore, particularly capitalism and democracy.

‘I think a large part of our political crisis stems from our highest elected officials trying to run this country like a business, prioritizing profit over people.’

The 49-year-old singer said government should be run by the people, for the people and not by big business.

‘I’m starting my campaign with nothing, nothing but desire,’ he said in the video.

‘Desire for real change. Please join me on my journey and this campaign, Spooner 2020, say “yes”.’

GSN has reached out to Spooner for further comment.

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