The Church of England is looking to support transgender people. Kind of…

Perhaps from the church’s point of view trans people might be denying their gender, but it is quite the opposite. As a stealth trans woman, I know what I am genetically and I despise it. I also know who I am mentally and spiritually… neither of those are male. The Incongruence I’ve experienced has been torture. How would you like to wake up tomorrow still you mentally, but your body be the opposite gender? I bet it would upset you intensely to the point of madness. I woke up and felt peace.

The church will soon learn that being trans is a complex divergence of genetic origins. Read Dr. Brian Hanley’s newly stated likely cause of lgbt individuals- Chimerism, the absorption of a twin, variations found in DNA material throughout the body of a trans person, etc. Both XX and XY are being found in trans people, confirming the formation of the human body at conception and throughout growth is not always so predictable or simple but that it’s far more complex and delicate than previously theorized.

We are in the dark ages where being born deformed or disabled indicates the presence of demons. So it seems many believe to be true of trans people.

Ugh. Just… ugh.

Not a sermon, just a thought (irony).

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