Have you ever felt like an outsider within the LGBTQ community, because of your race, ethnicity, gender identity or another aspect of who you are?

I’m bi and trans. I don’t fit in with gay men because I’m kinda uninvolved in gay culture and I get lost in conversation. Though I don’t fit in with straight men either cause they see me as “too gay”

In gay cis male spaces where they know I’m trans they’re transphobic to me for it and purposefully ostracize me and point out how I’m not the same as them seemingly every chance they get.

Cis lesbians have been the most transphobic to me out of anyone. They frequently disrespect my gender identity as male and just seem to view me as an “upgraded butch”, a confused lesbian, or not the same as other men.

I don’t fit in at groups/events specifically for trans people cause I’m almost always the only trans man there, or if there are other trans men we just don’t share anything in common at all. Most other trans men I’ve came across seem to all have similar interests and I’m just not really into any of those things.

I also experience a lot of questionable harassment and hate for being Jewish from other LGBT people, I have no idea why this happens.

I’m also very uncomfortable in mixed LGBT groups, the cis LGB people frequently say incredibly transphobic things. I’ve corrected them and they do exactly the same thing again. I really do not like how younger generations will label me with words I’m extremely uncomfortable with without even considering how I feel about it. I’ve had people call me they/them instead of he/him just because they think it fits me better as if they know me better than I do, I see that as misgendering and like they aren’t respecting my identity as male. Cis LGB people tend to do it the most because they refuse to recognize me as male so they won’t use he/him, but they know they’d get in trouble if they used she/her.


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