British TV personality faces anti-LGBTI backlash for attending World Pride

British TV personality faces anti-LGBTI backlash for attending World Pride

Scarlett Moffatt at World Pride | Photo: Instagram

A British TV personality has received negative backlash for attending World Pride and showing her support to the LGBTI community.

Scarlett Moffatt flew to New York City to celebrate World Pride with her friends on 30 June. But some of her fans weren’t happy about her siding with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans people.

She claimed to have lost 700,000 followers over her decision to attend Pride.

Scarlett Moffatt at World Pride

Moffatt is an English reality television personality and presenter, best known for appearing in a number of programs, like the Channel 4’s Gogglebox. She also won 2016’s reality I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

‘Time to slightly rant. Coming to New York to celebrate world pride with my best friends and my mam. My friends who are sometimes my brothers and sometimes my sisters when they are their amazing alter ego drag queens,’ she wrote in an Instagram post.

‘It makes me both happy and sad at how far we have come to support the LGBTQ+ community but also how far we have to go before there is equality,’ she then added.

‘People are still losing their lives and being physically and verbally abused and outcast just because of their sexuality and it needs to STOP. It makes me sad that since posting yesterday about my support of the lgbt community I lost over 7,000 followers, it really upsets me at the attitudes people have.’

‘Living my best life this World Pride weekend’

However, Moffatt didn’t let this social incident ruin her Pride experience. She then posted a picture of herself donning a rainbow sequinned dress and clapping back at the haters.

‘Blocking out the haters with my rainbow sparkle. Living my best life this World Pride weekend in NYC,’ she captioned the shot.

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