Transgender activist starts campaign to run as independent in Jamaica

My father, instead of serving in Vietnam, joined the Peace Corps and went to Jamaica for a few years building schools and teaching math. It was his proudest moment (short of having kids) and I remember him fondly talking about it.

Obviously, it was a different world back then. And homophobia is a major problem in Jamaica, just as it is in pretty much the rest of the world. Jamaica also hasn’t exactly gotten the better end of the stick when it comes to tourism or trade– this is the first news I’ve heard hitting major international sites about Jamaica in a long time. But my father loved the country, and I know that he would have been proud to go back and help again should the opportunity have arisen.

If he’s reading this, I wish Mr. Richards (who is too young to have possibly met my dad…) the best in his campaign. More people like him need to stand up and change the world around them for the better. If he needs some speechwriting done, my rates are reasonable (assuming it doesn’t break Jamaican election law, of course).


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