The Gay and Lesbian Singers of WA to be immortalised through short film – Tone Deaf

The influential Revelation Film Festival is rapidly approaching, putting cinephiles not just in its home of Perth into a mild frenzy, but all over the world. Now, The Gay and Lesbian Singers of WA have punctuated the importance of the event, revealing that the group will become immortalised via a short film set to premiere at the festival this month.

GALSWA have confirmed their venture to the big screen with a project titled Singing For Our One True Heart. As per Out In Perth, the feature is set to be a heart-breaking, but also comical and ultimately heart-warming, look at the groups origins, and the origins of the group’s members.

Retelling coming out stories, and tales of finding their way into the folds of GALSWA, Singing For Our One True Heart will be a deeply intimate and important screening.

The concept was brought to life by Helena Cohen-Robertson and Poppy van Oorde-Grainger.

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