Tensions between trans women and gay men boil over at Stonewall anniversary

I know a cis gay who fucking goes on and on about “we don’t need pride month” “being gay isn’t my personality” “cool you’re gay now move on” “I don’t support the LGBT community” “you don’t have to be like super flamboyant about it” etc. Etc. The absolute fucking privilege, some middle class conservarive white cis male, who couldn’t even be legally married 10 years ago, who thinks he got his, so fuck everyone else. Also, fuck drag. I can’t believe I can go to our local pride, and they’re having a drag show and everyone’s cheering and having a good time, all the fucking straight people from the local high-school showing up to support their friends performing , but me (relatively passing) and my cis girlfriend get weird looks, passing jeers, I get misgendered buying a fucking pride flag, while there’s a drag queen sucking a balloon dick on stage. Drag just further confirms to the general population that I’m just a man in a dress who’s getting a thrill out of trapping straight men. Like seriously, step in fucking line. The homophobic transphobic assholes in power aren’t just going to annhialate trans rights while simultaneously not touching gay rights. They are coming for us first, and setting their sights on the rest of the community next. Of course, solidarity isn’t a word in most wealthy white males vocabularies.


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