Lady Gaga dons rainbow clothing to celebrate Stonewall Day

Lady Gaga dons rainbow clothing to celebrate Stonewall Day

Lady Gaga dressing a crowd in New York City | Photo: YouTube

Lady Gaga backs up her messages with her clothes.

Donned from head-to-toe in rainbow colors, Gaga gave an emotional speech to the New York City crowd as part of celebrations for Stonewall Day on Friday (28 June).

The event is to mark the 50-year anniversary of the iconic Stonewall Riots.

‘True love – true, true love – is when you would take a bullet for someone,’ Gaga said. The pop icon was wearing a rainbow-colored jacket and a matching pair of thigh-high rainbow-colored boots, and a military-style beret.

‘And you know that I would take a bullet for you any day of the week.’

‘You are the definition of courage’

Gaga has been a prominent supporter of LGBTI rights for much of her life. She has used her public platform to call for greater LGBTI equality on numerous occasions.

In a heartfelt moment, which saw the singer begin to tear up, she spoke of how the occasion was a ‘celebtration of all of you in every single way’.

‘This community has fought – and continues to fight – a war of acceptance, a war of tolerance, and with the most relentless bravery.

‘You are the definition of courage. Do you know that? I feel so honored and privileged to even be asked to be here.’

She went on to speak about how attitudes toward LGBTI rights have changed in society over the past 50-years.

The Lady calls for action 

But Gaga was quick to point out that LGBTI rights supporters should not become complacent, and that there was much more work to be done.

She highlighted the disproportionate levels of violence faced by trans women in the US.

‘While we have made tremendous progress, we find ourselves also at a time where attacks on the trans community are on an increasing rise each day,’ Gaga told the crowd.

Lady Gaga addressing the crowds for Stonewall Day | Photo: YouTube

‘I will not tolerate this. And guess what? I know neither will you.’

Also at the event were Chelsea Clinton, Alicia Keys, and Whoopi Goldberg, and Stonewall ambassador, Donatella Versace, E! News reports.

Landmark moment 

The Stonewall riots are considered a landmark moment for LGBTI rights.

In 1969, following a police raid on the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay hangout, members of the LGBTI community began protesting against the prejudice and discrimination they had suffered for years.

The demonstrations spread throughout New York’s Greenwich Village, soon becoming fully fledged riots.

Many LGBTI rights supporters now consider the riots as having been fundamental in progressing the modern-day LGBTI rights movement.

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