Thank God for Lesbians –

By the 1900’s, Jim Crow’s “separate but equal” laws were in full effect and freedom began to feel like a mirage. Juneteenth’s popularity wavered as survival took precedence and racist white people became more vicious and destructive. Still, we celebrated.   

As a Black woman, the wife of the Editor-in-Chief at office, and as a person who rejoices in life, it is important that my history is honored, especially, on platforms of which I am associated.  

Black people are a continuous global source of inspiration and innovation. It is time to commemorate our history beyond February and Martin Luther King’s Day.  

Cheers to my Brothers and Sisters, Great, Great, Great, Great bloodlines—the reason I stand here, strong and proud! I celebrate and pour libations for you.   

P.S. Black people come in many colors, shapes, genders, and sizes, and do not fit into one box, hence the “image not found pic.” Ashé.  

Let us celebrate!  

xx Marz Lovejoy

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