Transgender exclusion from the world of dating

I’m a bi trans woman and although I’ve definitely dated other trans women I haven’t found that I’m very attracted to like 90% of the ones I have met. I’m not sure why but I suspect the way my attraction works is still gendered, that is I suspect I like masculine features when they are on men and feminine features when they are women but not the opposite of that, and unfortunately we aren’t all as feminine as we would like to be or we don’t all choose to be hyperfeminine. Maybe it’s conditioning that has molded my attraction this way, I’m not sure. If someone asked me if I would date trans women I would say yes, but if they kept asking “how about this one” they would hear a lot of no’s.

It can also be emotionally exhausting having to suffer through trans issues, so you’d basically be doubling up on that. I could see some of us saying exclusively outside our community for that reason.

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