Bi People 6 Times More Likely to Be Fully Closeted Than Gays and Lesbians, Survey Finds

Surveys of LGBTQ people have found that 40% or more identify as bisexual, yet bi people remain less likely to come out than their gay and lesbian peers.

According to recent survey data from Stanford University, analyzed by the Pew Research Center, bi people are more than six times more likely to be fully closeted than gay and lesbian people.

26% of bisexual people said they were not out to anyone, compared to just 4% of gay and lesbian people.

When it comes to being partially out, the numbers improve, but are still lagging behind gays and lesbians.

Bi people were nearly four times less likely to be out to “most or all” of the important people in their lives about their sexual orientation, at 19%, compared to 75% of their gay and lesbian peers. Bisexuals were also more likely to be out to only a few people, at 31%, compared to 13% of gays and lesbians. Another 24% of bi respondents said they were out to some people, compared to 13% of gay or lesbian respondents who said the same.

Perhaps one of the reasons for this disparity is evident in another finding from the data, which shows 88% of bisexual individuals were either currently in, or had most recently been in, an opposite-sex relationship, and only 12% in, or most recently in, same-sex relationships.

Also of note in the findings: over 40% reported being equally sexually attracted to men and women. 44% said they were either only or mostly sexually attracted to the opposite sex, and 13% said they were only or mostly sexually attracted to the same sex.

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