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TV: What were the steps that you took to launch the account and create an identity for Dyke Digital?

KGH: I contacted photographers, makeup artists on Instagram, and people who I thought were really cool, and we just collaborated. And you know, made everyone feel comfortable and made cool images. The aesthetic is very kitsch. It’s very much my personal style. It became a space where I can express myself, and I hope that other people can express themselves, too.

[As a reference] I looked at the work of photographer Catherine Opie. A lot of lesbian fashion imagery is black and white or supposed to be sexy, and that wasn’t what I wanted. I really liked her work because it’s really bright and colorful, and that’s what I wanted to make, you know?

TV: What’s the mission of @dykedigital?

KGH: My mission is to create a space where lesbian-identifying creatives can just make what they want to make and for people to know that we are high fashion and can be high fashion. The whole purpose is to make original content. We plan to have three or four themes a year, with the first one being Western.

Courtesy of Dyke Digital

TV: What do you hope people will take away from engaging with your platform?

KGH: I just hope that they can see that our voices are being heard and that we are fashionable. We can be included in this industry. And maybe if I was looking at this when I was 14, wanting to go to fashion school, I would’ve had way fewer insecurities. I think I would have been at a bit more confident. So if that happens, that would be really cool.

TV: How have people responded to the work you’re doing so far?

KGH: The night [we hosted] was really great. I was not expecting people to come — we’re very small — but loads of people came, and they all came up to me and said that this was really amazing, and I really felt like they’d been missing this, and it was just a really great feeling.

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