Google Celebrates Stonewall’s 50th Anniversary With Living Monument

Pride Forever!!!

NYC’s LGBT Community Center, with support from Google, created Stonewall Forever, a Living Monument celebrating 50 years of LGBTQ+ history. Read the official description below.

The LGBT Community Center of New York City, with support from, has worked to preserve LGBTQ+ history for future generations by extending the Stonewall National Monument from its physical location in New York City to a digital experience that can be accessed by everyone, everywhere.

Stonewall Forever is the result of the LGBT Community Center’s efforts. It’s a living monument to Pride, connecting diverse voices from the Stonewall era to the millions of voices in today’s LGBTQ+ community. The monument features digitized historical artifacts, oral histories capturing the early days of the movement, a short documentary by Ro Haber that highlights unheard stories from the LGBTQ+ community, and photos and messages from people around the world.

You can experience Stonewall Forever online and become a part of the living history of the LGBTQ+ community by adding your own story to the digital monument. If you’re in Christopher Park in New York City, you can also experience it live through an augmented reality (AR) app.

Watch their video below and visit to explore the history and add your piece to the monument.

Stonewall Forever

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